BestRx Pharmacy Management System

BestRx Pharmacy Management System 2.9

BestRxWin is a true Windows based pharmacy management system
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BestRxWin is a true Windows based pharmacy management system. Virtually all hardware is compatible with the system. Interface supported : Electronic Signature, Automatic Faxing, POS, Interactive Voice Response, E-Prescribing, Rx scanning . With BestRxWin, you can have multiple workstations, or have multiple sessions on the same workstation. While processing a prescription, you can add or update the doctor, patient, drug, insurance plan, or sig information without losing the entered prescription data. You could also display or print a report in the background while processing the prescription. We use the latest in database technology, making our program work at lightning-fast speeds to keep your workflow going at an uninterrupted pace. BestRxWin allows you to print dozens of different kinds of reports. There are many built-in reports, but you can also design your own reports by picking specific data and sorting it the way you want. The reports can be exported to a user defined file format that later can be imported into a Microsoft Excel spread sheet. The reports will be displayed on the screen and you can print all or part of any report.
- Fast and flexible searching for patients, prescribers, drugs, plans, etc.
- Real-time claim adjudication (Internet ~2 secs, dialup ~20 secs)
- 1-step split billing for patients with multiple insurance plans
- E1 Eligibility checks for Medicare Part D patients
- Allergy and Drug Interaction warnings
- Paperless faxing for refill requests
- Inventory management
- Receive price & inventory updates from and send purchase orders to wholesalers/suppliers (for additional fee)
- Payment reconciliation
- Refill reminder log
- Charge Account/Accounts Receivables
- Bar code scanning and printing
- Rx Delivery management
- Automatic weekly price updates
- Security—set access rights to prevent users from accessing certain parts of the system
- Highly customizable labels
- Pharmacy system updates itself automatically when new features are available
- Ability to interface with robotic systems such as ScriptPro, Parata, etc.

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